DC5 Talent was established in 1998. The original focus for the agency was to provide the film industry with background performers who were trained in weapons safety and handling.

The firearms used on a film set can be just as dangerous as ones used in the real world. Because of this the founders of DC5 began a search for performer’s posses a professional and mature attitude, team work mentality and a good ethical approach towards life.

We started out with 30 people that met the criteria and have been going strong ever since. As time went by we discovered that most of the work our members were asked to do involved Military roles, police roles, gangsters and alike. It wasn’t long before we started training our members in the basics of combat tactics. We started having training weekends were our members would gather and be put through the rigors of learning how to clear a room, communicate with hand and arm signals and know how it felt to fire a sub-machine gun under stressful situations. These training seminars turned into a great time to learn and bond as a team and this carried onto the film set where Directors, Producers and Casting started to really take notice.

Since then DC5 has grown not only in reputation but as a company. DC5 members have not only worked in the motion picture industry but have been featured in commercials, video games, web sites, corporate events, and a variety of other media exposure. Since 1998 some of our members have gone on to become full time stunt performers and actors. They got their start with DC5 and got their break because of being a part of our team.We look forward to representing the best roster of Background Performers this city has to offer.


If you think you’ve got what it takes to be recognized in this industry then let us know. We’ll give anyone a chance to prove themselves and help them follow their goal. Otherwise you can remain another blurred face in the crowd scene’s and work with an agency that can choose from a thousand people to call instead of you.

DC5 is recognized amongst the industry as the ultimate source for providing highly skilled and trustworthy performers. Often imitated, never surpassed.

Office Number:778-242-8840



Agency License Number - ER 164-040
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